How to go plastic free

October 08, 2018

How to go plastic free

It's almost impossible to avoid plastic althogher but there is a lot that can be done to limit your exposure an protect the planet.

1. Avoid pre-made meal

It seems to be the obvious but cooking at home reduce the amount of plastic as well as the amount of preservative you family is exposed to.. and the bonus is that it taste so much better!!Shop in bulk and at your local market

2. Shop in bulk

Shops like Santos Organic Health Food Shop and The Source Bulk Food will save you if you buy in large quantities but they also great because they offer a range of product which you can refill with your own glass jars.

3. Buy fresh

Shopping at your local market is also great because you can bring your own bags and products aren't usually pre package in plastic like some known offenders ... but you also contribute to supporting the local agriculture, the farmers which are probably your neighbours and the local economy!

3. Use - non plastic containers

Use HoneyBee Wrap reusable food wraps to wrap snacks, sandwiches, veggies, cheese and wine bottles and fizzy bottles airtight. They are fully washable and will last up to a year! They aren't recommeded with direct contact with meat but I use a layer of baking paper when I wrap meat in the reusable wrap that way I can say no to plastic even when I go to the butcher.

4. Make you voice heard!

Demand action, ask from your local shop to using plastic! For example, I ask my butcher to wrap my meat product in baking paper (I even do it at Iga & Wool..rt.

Its just as effective as plastic. As customers we have more pull then we think. And if they aren't ready to listen take your business somewhere'll see they'll soon change their mind.

5. Use baking soda & vinegar for cleaning

Baking soda is cheap and comes in cardboard box in most supermarket and you can fill your vinegar glass jar at your local bulk food store. Check out these free recipes. Organic lifestyle

 6. Ditch your plastic toothbrush

I think the plastic toothpaste are one of the worst offenders! They are many bamboo made toothpaste now available on the markets. The only downside is they do tend to get mould if they are left in water however I usually found that by the time this occurs am due for a new toothbrush anyway!


7. Toothpaste

Make your own toothpaste here. Try this locally made Australian toothpaste made only with essential oils!

After all it's never too late to ditch the plastic!

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